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"Time Is Money" Turnkey Kit - Quicker Easier Installs for RPS 200, 200+, 400, 400N, 800

"Time Is Money" Turnkey Kit - Quicker Easier Installs for RPS 200, 200+, 400, 400N, 800

RPS Solar Pumps

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Short on time? In a remote area without access to a hardware store? Get everything you need to install an RPS Solar Pump right to your doorstep. US Record holder: 1hr 7min from opening boxes to pumping water. CS, Missouri

  • Submersible 12 Gauge Pump Wire (3 Strand)
  • Signal Wire (2 Strand)
  • 2x Crimp/heatshrink splice kits
  • Polypropylene rope (no decay) to attach to pump as safety line
  • 3/4" PTFE Poly Pipe 100' rolls with barbed insert connectors and hose clamps  (We can do 1" too if you prefer but we like the 3/4") 
  • ¾” FNPT to 3/4” barb
  • Well seal with 3/4" barbs below and threaded nipple to pass through seal (We ship the 4" standard, If you have a 6” casing, let us know!)
  • Hose clamps for the barbed couplings
  • Teflon tape
  • Adjustable Tilt Top-of-pole Mounting kit for Solar Panels (You'll need 2” or 4" steel post - RPS 200 Kit comes standard with 1x for 2 Panels on 2" ID steel post, RPS 200+, 400, 400N with 1x for 4" ID steel post, RPS 800 with 2x mounts for 4" posts)
  • Simple Mounting hardware to attach Controller
  • Grounding kit for solar panels and controller
Comes in 100ft and 200ft kits.

Tools & Equipment you’ll still need on hand for the quick install:
  • Wire stripper/crimper
  • Flat and Phillips Screwdriver
  • Lighter or heatgun for heatshrinks, heating polypipe for tighter hoseclamps
  • 2” (for RPS 200) or 4" steel post (For RPS 200+, 400, 400N) or 2x 4" Posts for RPS 800
  • Small socket set as it helps get hose clamps tighter
  • Bag(s) of cement for post holes and something to dig them!
  • Simple Multimeter for testing DC voltages