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RPS CattlemanPro Series (Local Pro Install Only)

RPS CattlemanPro Series (Local Pro Install Only)

RPS Solar Pumps

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** Includes Installation by RPS Pro-Certified Installer **

RPS Factory-Certified Installers are Factory Trained to properly install, plumb, mount, ground, seal and secure system for Extended Five-Year Prorated Warranty. (only available on RPS CattlemanPro Series with professional install)

3K3 and 3K4 Include:
- Entire Solar Pump System
- Well and Tank Sensors
- Drop Pipe & Well Seal
- Solar Panels & Connectors (UL as needed)
- Panel Mounting Post and Hardware (NRCS Approved)
- Parts & Labor
- 100% Satisfaction, Water Guarantee

If your installer provided you a model number (3K3 or 3K4) and a code, use these to checkout and expedite order. Don’t have a local installer in mind yet? Once you checkout, we’ll find the closest Factory-Certified RPS Solar Pump Installer to your zip code. Trenching not included. Additional charges may apply in uncommon circumstances, or with longer distances between well and tank. Lead times may apply depending on season. 

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