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Grid-to-Solar Pump Conversion Kit (NEW 2018)

Grid-to-Solar Pump Conversion Kit (NEW 2018)

RPS Solar Pumps

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The Grid-to-Solar Kit allows for the running of a new or previously installed 110v or 220v Single Phase or 3 Phase Pump on Solar. Yes! It's finally possible!

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If you have existing pump, prepare by getting: 
1. Pump voltage
2. Pump horsepower
3. Brand and/or model of pump

All kits come with Solar Panels, Solar Pump Controller, Cut-off Switch, Wiring, Installation Manual, Float Switch (or Pressure Switch), Free Delivery.

Pump Size  1/2 HP
3/4 HP
1 HP 1.5 HP
Solar Required 2 Large Solar Panels
3 Large Solar Panels
4 Large Solar Panels
6 Large Solar Panels

*For 110v Single Phase Pumps, we encourage upgrading to the next size up.

System is near universal with any traditional induction AC pump motor, but let our engineers know if you have a question on compatibility. 3-wire Single Phase 220v are ok, but motors with 2-wire starting capacitors are not yet supported (Franklin Electric 2-wire, and Grundfos 2-wire) nor are DC permanent magnet/Brushless DC (BLDC) motors. 

Made in the USA

Delivery/lead time is currently 2 weeks. Chat with an Engineer at 888-637-4493